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Date with Books ❤

I am so excited when me and my co trainer Gel decided to go and grab a coffee and purchase a new set of books in Fully Booked on a Wednesday after our shift. It’s been quite a while since my last visit so imagine my giddy and excited face when we both found out that we are obsessed with BOOKS! And every time were about to recommend or suggest a certain book we will be both thrilled cause it’s either we have read or have heard of the story line or the author.


It took us a week before we push through with our book date, but eventually we are all wearing that big smile on our faces when we got there! FINALLY!!!



Me and my equally book worm freak 🙂 🙂 🙂


20140123-214403.jpg Gel is more into science fiction , novels and series of books. My reading pleasure in the other hand always leads me to young adult , fiction , romance and lately I found out that I also like thriller books 🙂

20140123-214414.jpgThe obligatory selfie shot 🙂 🙂 🙂


We arrived at around 4 PM and as expected (since its a Wednesday) the place is pretty clear with few people looking for their next read. We went directly to the 3rd floor since most of the books that we are looking are located there, plus there are set of couches that we can sit on while reading.



The obligatory selfie shot PART 2 🙂





The perfect date 🙂 Its so much fun to be talking to someone who also shares the same passion for books and of course we also used this chance for some some girl bonding and girl talk a.k.a gossip talk  in between.


Flash those books and that ring!  We also discussed some of her plans for her upcoming wedding this July! And I was thankful enough since she also asked me to do the styling for her BIG DAY!

I’m styling people since 2011 mostly for friends during parties , debuts and shoots. Nothing fancy though it’s all for the spirit of FUN and STYLE.




20140123-214510.jpg20140123-214517.jpgLet me tell you something about this book. When we got to the 3rd floor me and Gel parted ways to look around since we have a different preference. I have to admit that i am always captured First by the Book cover regardless if I know the author or not. So as I was looking I got hooked by its yellow cover and its title. I mean c’mon who wouldn’t be curious by DUFF. Its just Hillary Duff that i know?? CHOS! Hahaha waley x) anyways… Second thing that I’m always checking is the back part of the overall summary of the story (Gel also admitted that she’s also doing it) same thing that we are doing whenever we are watching or about to watch a movie. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cheaters! After reading I know that I will never let go of this book!


My date found hers too!!!

20140123-214554.jpgSince I’m so excited about the story I decided to start reading while waiting for Gel. For a good 30 minutes I was about to finish the book! I remember when I was always checking on Gel if she’s getting bored since I’m literally glued to the book!

And I will not be spoiling anything (even if I’m dying to share how awesome the book was) so lets just move on with what happen next…………….


We decided to grab some smoothies (as we always do) at The Coffee Bean for a change since we are always at Starbucks (since its just an elevator away from the office) We treat each other with a slice of cake! We had 2 each Hahahaha how sweet is that?!

An hour before we head home, I was able to finish DUFF! Then the spoiler in me attacked when Gel asked if the story is good (which I think is pretty much obvious with my reactions all throughout the reading) she also liked the concept and ask me if she can borrow it the next day.

20140123-215000.jpg20140123-215017.jpgAnnie on My Mind is a young adult book about two young girls who fell in love before they knew what love is all about. This also shows the struggle of coming out at an early age. I also appreciate that the author included a short Q&A at the last part of the book as she discusses on what inspires her to write the story and her fair share of her own.

Gel recommended this book when we’re still in Fully Booked. As I was checking for another one since I’m done reading DUFF. But what happened is I ran out of budget and forgot to bring my card .Gel saved me from loneliness and buy it. She told me to consider it as a gift from her! Such a sweetheart ❤ 20140123-215037.jpg ‘Well crafted” that’s all that I can say about this book. Its not the usual boy meets girl, they fell in love and they make a beautiful couple story, but it made sure that the characters and how they act in the story is something that anyone can relate to.

Duff is about an unconventional love story between a heart throb and the not so pretty (average) girl. She hated him so much but the same person who calls him DUFF is the same person who helped her when she don’t know where to go and don’t know her worth anymore.

It’s definitely a fun day for me and Gel and I can’t wait to be back to the same store (but prolly a different branch) and same date 🙂


Till our next buddy :*


Let me end this post by reminding everyone that


Audrey X Marilyn ❤ ❤ ❤ 





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