Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

We are all excited for our Friday shift for so many reasons. First , Hooray for the weekend! Facilitated 2 uptraining classes ✔completed our TDC training : 3 Days ✔ i can say its a productive week for me . Just in time for me to be all prepped up for my new hire class starting next week. Whats wrong with me? I just stated that its the weekend right? Hahah (no work related stories for now) going back me and my co trainers had been planning since the start of the week to end our work week with a big bang breakfast.

Me and Ardel strongly suggested Kanto Freestyle breakfast. Havent been in the place before but most of my FB friends posted their food pics and it looks delish! and i think the name of the place is pretty catchy. Ardel told me that its literally located on a street but the preparation and serving is as if your in a high end cafe.

Our convincing powers worked and as planned after Friday shift we all join our forces and made sure that our belly will
be ready enough for some heavy treat haha!


Let me share my cray cray moment/pictorial that supposed to be an #ootd post haha! 😂


We were not able to do long groupie shot since we are starving to death plus the sun is up like crazy. But its a fun experience seeing each others faces going nuts hee hee (bad)




Me and Mich. trying to keep our cool despite being toast from the sun 🙂









20140118-204111.jpgMy BBYGRL Ces :*


Being sandwiched by this love birds.



My turn 🙂

We had more the time that we needed to di groupie and selfie shots haha! When we arrived the line up of orders was in full blast queue that we needed to wait for more than 30 minutes to have our foods and an empty table for us. While waiting people are still coming and the receipt of orders are almost endless! Thats the time that i we are fully convinced that they serve good foods. ( with the line up of orders and group of people waiting for free tables ) we even asked if its possible to have a reservation but its a NO 😔 Well, i was not able to tale pictures of the place but the tables are set up along the street. The waitresses are wearing their cute black and yellow Kanto shirts 😊

After years haha! Our orders finally arrived!! i took the part of being the official photographer haha.

Thumbs up for the presentation and high five with their crews! (Very sweet , nice 😃 we call them as “Ate Sexy and Baby Girl haha)

Hopefully the pictures can justify this post and FYI each orders are all for 90 bucks!







We are fully loaded after our meal and waiting is definitely worth it because its already proven that they deliver with tr foods that they are serving. Last minute FYI that they have anothe branch opened at Kapitolyo Pasig. They also informed us that they have other branches spread around the Metro! 👏

The idea , set up and quality of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast definitely helps the store from growing large. They fully deserve the thousand likes on their FB page.

Stores open 24/7
549 San Joaquin Street Brgy Plainview Mandaluyong City.


Need i say more?I shall return Kanto! 💪

TheMoodyMina 💋


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