High school Homies

Last Saturday was indeed one of the happiest as a start of my 2014. I guess im doing good to start my New year.
I always wanted to catch up with all of them even after our graduation but a lot of things happened. Of course we enter college. years after got a first real job and the rest followed. we met new people, new commitments, different life events. I for once tried catching up with my high school buddies but its very difficult for us to be complete as a group. Little did i know that our “biglaan” or impromptu plan last Friday will all be possible?

Friday 01/10/2013
I had a date with my good friends Janice and Mongs. (I came from a mani pedi session that ive been dying to accomplish for months and its quite painful hahaha!)

The 3 of us had been planning to set a reunion for our class. When we all figured out that our schedule is clear for the weekened (mostly Saturday) so why not go with it. Mongs created a group chat on Facebook inviting everyone that is on our Friends list We dont really expect everyone to be available. Not with the last minute invite but we just wanted to chill on a Saturday night so whoever will show up is very much welcome.

Friday is always good with a crispy fries , cold drinks and a nice chit chat with your buddies








At around 8 PM text after texts are coming in specially from Janice and if you’ll imagine she is saying it with her pissed tone! Where are you?! what’s taking you so long?!” Hahaha! I had to meet someone very quick and went to the place right after. But my heart is some what jumping when i found out that they are already there! I was excited and hmmmm fine! Giggling when that one person i never thought will show up was actually there. In the same place that ill be…

Moment of truth. hahahaha in no time i shouted Mga Tol!!!! with a big smile on my face! Our cottage is at the far end so i still have like five minutes to composed my self and reaction hahha!

20140115-191349.jpgJanice , Mongs , Michael , Guiao , Popay, Me πŸ™‚

20140115-191403.jpgI still cant believe that it took us years to have our group picture. ( i guess were not that mainstream even before! Hahaha)

20140115-191416.jpgThe Boys. I was so happy to finally see Aries! He consider me as his best girl friend way back, i consider him mine too! While we are talking he confessed that he didn’t continue courting this girl from our batch cause i thought she is bitchy! Hahaha! i tried not to show how embarrass i was Β for ruining that chick for him ahahah! But setting the record straight the girl is still a b*atch! hahaha Ooops!

20140115-192302.jpgI love them boys!!!

20140115-192322.jpgπŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚





20140115-192435.jpgMy Popay! Out from the group me and Popay are constantly in touch ever since. The guy was always there and i adore him dearly! We also share the same passion for music. Early this year we decided to re-form a band and been playing cover songs since then.







The best part of that night is that we all have our stories to share about our funniest and memorable memories about high school. We all wish that even for a day we can go back in time. In time when what we just need to worry is to pass our grades and enjoy life. Enjoy every song from our local bands. Them boys creating their own moshpit when the music play. Us girls saving some money from our allowance to cover for our entrance fee during the weekend (boys can simply go with it by breaking the law and breaking their bones haha) . All of us dressed up with leather jackets , boots , spike bracelets , mohawks , eye liner , ripped pants and skirt holding some banner representing Pasig. I wish we can but we can just simply enjoy our stories with some pictures in our head. Time flies before we know it. Without them fellas i would have not experience the FUN of being a high school student. Yep i owe it to them for giving me the best effin time!

20140116-191828.jpgAfter all this time. He is still and the only one that can give butterflies in my stomach ❀ ❀ ❀


This guy though.

As to my surprise he showed up. With a little help from Janice and Mongs (fetching him from his place with an invincible hand cuff so he cant get away) he made it! The Wolf pack was (almost) complete. – we’re still missing Alexis , Cat and Onat πŸ˜’

He’s been MIA for the longest time even on Facebook. I even thought something might have happened to him and his presence is really unexpected but in a good way.

All i know is that im happy for a lot of reason. first being able to spend my Saturday night with the people that ive been missing for the longest time. One night is not enough and we’ll definitely do this again SOON. ( The Wolfpack needs to be complete that time!) second seeing YOU again makes me go back to our last school year where i was the happiest because of you. A lot happened but i guess nothing change with how we see each other.

Could not be happier.

After our session, i couldnt wait to post this right away on Instagram! πŸ˜ƒ

Instagram: TheMoodyMina ✌


Isang wasak at isa sa pinaka masayang gabi ng 2014 ang makasama ang mga taong nagpasaya sa highschool life ko. sila ang kasama ko sa halos buong 4 na taon at talagang masasabi ko na walang papantay sa kalokohan at oo kagaguhan na pinaggagagawa namen! Kame kame ang magkakasama manuod ng lahat ng astig na underground at main stream concert bago mauso mga poser / kasama sa islaman at sa inuman. bumuk ng isang solidong grupo (na sakit sa ulo ng mga teachers namen) sa loob at labas ng paaralan. sila din ang kasama ko nung una akong pumalo at tumugtug ng drums (bilib ang teachers namen ng napanuod kme) isang buong gabi na puno ng tawanan , kamustahan at pagbalik tanaw sa buhay high school. Hindi ko to makakalimutan. Sa uulitin mga tol! #highschoolbuddies #reunion #wasaknawasak #youcantsitwithus #myforeverhomies #friendship #est2006 #sjkhsbatch06 #stillstanding #nobollocksallowed #bandmates #laughter #booze #therockerkids #igersmanila

Lets do this again real soon homies!🍻

TheMoodyMina πŸ’‹


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