What’s in my bag today?

Its a Monday and im pretty psyched with how everything is just going on good vibes and organized. Exactly how i planned to start my week. im also in pretty good mental shape on creating my first post. I finally live up to my to do blogs for 2014 with a little help from my co trainers, who also participated and create their own.

This is how a Monday post should be.

Whats in my bag?

Ive seen one from Saab Magalona on her blog and i think its pretty cool. (She also has a video version)

I really think its nice sharing your daily essentials and must have inside your bag. specially for girls like me who’s bag can literally fit 3 days of clothing.

P.S nothing fancy though 😀

1. Tory Burch Shoulder Bag.
I have to say im an avid fan of Tory Burch specially for bags. This will be my 3rd next to my Mom’s birthday gift. I find the brand logo sophisticated and if given a chance id love to start a collection (authentic ones if thats possible) need to work and earn hard to achieve girl Haha….

This bag is one of the best “cheap” finds that i purchased. I got this for 500 bucks (doesnt show right?) Its very useful in terms of you can almost bring everything that you needed + you can pair it with almost any outfits because of the colors and style. the scarf is genius!

Not to mention the quality is pretty good. The bag is still in good condition after 3 months of heavy duty ( hahaha you’ll know later with the stuff that i bring)



I cant leave the house without them all! specially when i have shift. I can remember when me , my mom and sister attended a formal party and my outfit can no way be paired up with any big shoulder bag. It took me an hour to come up with what i should and shouldnt bring. Its brutal! Hahaha



-pedestal key (loads of keychains mostly from friends)
-company lanyard and badge
-lotion ( i need to have a lotion to go with me all the time. Its one of my daily must have)
-cologne ( we all should smell nice all the time)
-hand sanitizer (stay clean and sweet)
-half pack cig,lighter
-umbrella ( i always bring one everyday just in case of heavy rain)
-coin purse ( its a Tory Burch. Its black and its cute)
-hello kitty mirror
-Black Nazarene booklet and rosary ( my mom used to have this on her bag and now im using it)
-cereal packs ( if im dedicated for at least a day of “ill start my diet today” hahah its still there so you know who has a problem hahaha)
-Starbucks planner ( it took me almost a month to get this planner. With pure dedication and help from friends, i finally have it! It’s helping me a lot to be organized and productive starting this year and i always bring it for my today’s to do list)
-Bank passbook ( today i was scheduled to go to bank and place some moolah on my savings account! Save save save )


and of course every girl needs to have a bag full of make ups and beauty essentials.

I know. clutch bag or purse will never work for me 😁😁😁 they come in full force all the time! Haha!

-Revlon foundation
-extra pack of napkin (always ready for a surprise red party)
-EB matte blue eyeshadow (free when i purchased a set of eyebrow liner)
-A lot think that its a mini magazine but its not. Its a booklet of eye shadow with 15 colors to choose from. (Birthday gift from my best friend Jaqui)
-EB lip and cheek tint
-Vitress hair cuticle
-EB liquid eyeliner
-Maybelline mascara
-EB mascara
-Nichido liquid pen liner (thank god for this!)
-set of eye brow liner (EB,Nichido) i only use hazelnut and black shade
-set of lipsticks (EB,Avon,Maybelline,Sophie)
-sealed plastic straw ( im from Pasig and as much as i want to keep our environment green and clean it sucks when you already have your ice cold coffee float when the cashier hand you a spoon because its Friday and its STRAWLESS! why tell me last minute right!? So moving forward im always ready!! 😈)
-hello kitty nail cutter

With all of these you can expect that my bag is heavy and can take a lot of effort to bring. (Imagine when im going on a trip or a vacation?! Hahaha that should be posted as well)

But im trying to remove some stuff that i rarely use (at least one at a time) they are like my babies that needs to be carried when their momma is leaving. i can also remember my workmates recognizing on which is my bag out of the bunch! Yeah the big and bulky one hahaha!

After taking some pictures and finishing this post i needed to go back to work. Its a Monday and we have a number of meetings to attend (little did i know that i have a class at 5AM geez) holidays are so over. Back to the game fellas!





That should do it for today 👍

I hope we all enjoy our first day for the week! Lets keep the positivity people!

TheMoodymina 💋


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