A bit of everything. A lot of nothing

Hi! My name is Mina. by legal documents Im Romina Gregorio Olarte, 23 years old. I am a Trainer in a Call Center Company but im more than that! Growing up my mind was purely influenced by Music , Fashion and Arts. People can easily recognized me with my full red lips and feather earrings on the side. I consider myself as a warrior of my own soul , a wanderer of my own kaleidoscope mind and a keen observer between the good and evil deeds of people and Life and i will consider this blog as my personal diary ,my own synopsis of everything about me. You cant expect anything that has to do with “sharing my dress and style and looking like an 80 % Chinese/Korean/Japanese , 20 % Anime and .1% Filipino” , “promoting my branded clothes as my sponsor” or just “sharing wild pictures while getting wasted in a night club” with my blog AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO THAT !!! but all i can promise is for this blog to be realistic as it should be after all it’ll be a glimpse or more like a mirror of my own identity.

” The best thing about life is when you can express your own Passion and Art ” – me ✌

P.S Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions even if you feel like bashing my post! FYI : Most likely i’ll appreciate it and the rest goes with “dont give a Fcuk anyway” hahaha 😜


Ooh and just a heads up I am my own victim of #selfieshots! Tons of them! Haha 😈


TheMoodyMina 💋


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