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Now you are somebody that YOU used to know

Sunday. I was on my way to Sunday service. It’s been 3 Sundays when I decided to get back and dedicate my one weekend afternoon to the Big Guy up there and feed my soul and spiritual connection. When I stepped out of the house, the mist turned into a mild rain and on my way,… Continue reading Now you are somebody that YOU used to know

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#MinagoestoDublin ✈

  How’s the form? How’s the criac? Okaaaaaay.  I guess what I’m really trying to say is…………. How are things with you? , How is everything? I know, for sure that so many things happened then and there and I just had a realization after checking my post settings that it’s been months since my… Continue reading #MinagoestoDublin ✈

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The Emancipation of #memes 

I don’t know when is the exact time, I first saw a meme. I don’t even know when was the time I schooled myself on how to pronounce it the right way.   ~ Lucky for me, There is no need for my girlfriend to choke me out of social humiliation Ha-Ha! What I do… Continue reading The Emancipation of #memes 

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I first read Lolita 9 years ago. I was searching on the internet for a good read and my continuous browsing led me to the most talked about novels, there comes Lolita.   I was so intrigued with its story that I had to google facts about the book even the biography of Vladimir Nabokov.… Continue reading Lolita

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Me, myself and I

Let’s get to know each other with our next activity called “4 windows of life” in an upbeat, highly excited tone. “Yeah, that’s sounded a lot like me” “You have to fill out 4 sections of your paper based on the category that will help us to know you better using your own words First part… Continue reading Me, myself and I

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What’s in my bag

There was a line in Etiquette for Mistresses (a film that stars Kris Aquino, Claudine Barretto, Iza Calzado and Kim Chiu) that made its lasting appeal in my head. It is the scene between Claudine Barretto and Kim Chiu, where she is training Kim how to pick the appropriate bag based on their status. What… Continue reading What’s in my bag

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Anyone can cook – Sardine Pesto Pasta 

Every time I invite my friends over to our place and entice them that I’ll cook my specialty dish. I would always get this kind of response Mind you that these people are my friends who I’ve anticipated to spend quality time with and exhaust my effort to cook  to just be skeptical about my… Continue reading Anyone can cook – Sardine Pesto Pasta