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Happy New Year! Happy 2020! Starting my monthly #MinaCooks entry with another Filipino dish that truly depicts Sunday and Family day. I know that this has become a Pinoy staple for its taste and ingredients. Today I will be cooking and sharing the how to steps of Nilagang Baboy. Nilagang Baboy or Pork Nilaga is… Continue reading #MinaCooks

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Let me tell you a story about a guy. It’s our 10th year

Friday. I just had a quick Starbucks fix with this guy and while waiting for him AGAIN something creeps on me saying that after all these years, he deserves to read and hear everything that I feel about him. Memories started playing its roll of film in my head. I had to write about it.… Continue reading Let me tell you a story about a guy. It’s our 10th year

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Camera Roll – 12/19

Sharing with you my set of pictures from the last month of 2019. I am certain that December would have to be a bright month for me considering this year to be one of the shittiest in my book. I would not want to spoil anything as I would let the picture speak on its… Continue reading Camera Roll – 12/19

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– rue’

She is tempted to start again.  Oh, if you only knew.  It’s been a while and the wind is starting to cripple on her nerves. It’s like the arctic. For most days she ought to care, and enjoy the voyage with nothing but her courage and desire to feel the breeze of the air with… Continue reading – rue’

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Semiscenic blog (2014) The year that was. The days when you were simply inevitable, fearless, all that there is, is fun. You don’t know the word rest, stop, fear, live. Most importantly, you are not yet introduced to the world that made you believe the existence of fat cheese of dreams and the lavish softness… Continue reading req.ui.em

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The art of weep and celebration – A short blog

Hello! Happy Sunday! Happy first of December! Since it’s the last month of the year, I have decided to just stay positive and start this month with nothing but positivity, be hopeful and muster muster all the hard work that I can get and give to accomplish everything that I have been working on and… Continue reading The art of weep and celebration – A short blog