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My Bestfriend’s Wedding #2

I first met Anna through my high school bestfriend Cat. We were never formally introduced and I only know her as my bestfriends’other bff. From there we became friends on Facebook and as day passes by, I get to know her or at least find her interesting and someone who I can totally relate to… Continue reading My Bestfriend’s Wedding #2

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Whenever I hear the word teamwork. I was always reminded with the quote, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” In this industry where teamwork is a vital portion of our machine’s engine to success, we get used on always being the advocate to our associates, the future leaders on… Continue reading #Evolve2018

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What’s Inside my make up kit

Hi guys! It’s a start of another week and I since I am slowly fulfilling my promise to this blog for a regular update (for the nth time),  I thought of sharing something that most, especially girls can relate to. Now, If you’ve been following my blog or have read my previous entries, for 1sure… Continue reading What’s Inside my make up kit

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The Met Gala 2018 – My Best and Worst Dressed List

Hi guys! I woke up at around 11:30 in the morning to unload – drink water – then get back to bed, still in a groggy state, but my usual self would spend at least 5 minutes checking my phone for any messages and social accounts update. I was suddenly awaken when my Instagram feed were bombarded… Continue reading The Met Gala 2018 – My Best and Worst Dressed List

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Reasons why you should like Kanye West

He may be conceited, arrogant and his mouth can go full speed with nothing to no good talk but he’ll always have a fan and admirer in me. Wait, Did I just use conceited and arrogant separately in one sentence? Yeah, I’m definitely talking about Kanye West. I think I was in college when I… Continue reading Reasons why you should like Kanye West